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About us

Who we are?

Our business was launched in 2000 and has its premises in Austria, south from Vienna.

We are an Asian Food Distribution Company. Our wholesale covers 5000 squaremetres of sales area. The car pool consists of 14 refrigerated cars with refrigerating machines cooling down to a temperature of minus 29 degrees.
We trust in excellent products and in our impecable reputation. Since our inception we have experienced a dramatical growth in sales. So far customers from Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries as well as wholesale customers have drawn upon our delivery services. Accordingly we are Austria’s leading provider of Chinese foods.

What we offer

We are a wholesale enterprise and masters of Asian cuisine! In Europe we offer Asian foods from China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other countries.

Our ambition

We are always keen to improve our services, constantly searching for more exquisite quality products. We would love to bring Asian cuisine, the Asian taste and lifestyle closer to people in Europe.